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What is Spiritual Healing?

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What is healing?

Do I have to be spiritual/religious to make healing work, and is it really necessary to have someone else facilitate healing for me?

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Can healing ever harm or make a condition worse?

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Can the benefits of healing ever be “lost” by the person receiving them?

Does God give the power to heal in modern times?

Bill Torvund

The Sanctuary of the On was founded as a religious non-profit organization in February, 1980 in Portland, Oregon.

Bill Torvund began his healing ministry as a very young child, and became aware of his healing gifts when he was four years old.

Then, in 1980, Bill was directed by the Holy Spirit to form a spiritual organization, The Sanctuary of the On, to begin his healing and teaching ministry.

Sanctuary of the ON

From the sacred sound of "OM" from the Vedic tradition, the Judaea-Christian Messianic tradition formed the term "O - ON" that can be seen on virtually all the icons of Christ in the Eastern apostolic tradition.

The term "O -ON" is the present-participial form of the Greek verb "to be", which, in its mystical sense, means "the eternally existing One." This is an exact reflection of the Vedic term "OM", which also bestows universal and immortal Presence upon all of those who intone it with the sincerity, humility, and attuning grace of divine love.

Therefore, the sacred mantra of Christ in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, "O-ON", is the perfect reflection of the Vedic universal mantra of "OM", in that both express ultimate sacred, universal light and Presence, so that all sentient beings can express the affirmation, as Christ-Sananda did in the ancient times, "I AM THE LIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE."

That affirmation, then, is the ultimate meaning of the "OM", brought into the later Judaeo-Christian Messianic tradition as "O-ON."

Thus, Bill chose the name "Sanctuary of the On," which could incorporate the synthesis of both sacred and initiatic traditions of the Eastern and Western mystery schools.

Bill Torvund has performed many healings on thousands of people from all over the world, and has travelled extensively and lectured on all aspects of spiritual tradition.



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